Fitness classes

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Fitness classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted on the timetable. More classes to come.

Core & More

Come ready to strengthen your deep core muscles with a focus on alignment, quality and tempo. It’s Abs and more!

HIIT Express

With short intervals of work and rest to burn more fat, HIIT is primarily a body weight workout designed for intermediate to advanced fitness levels and involves every muscle working together in challenging short bursts. For those that are up to the task, this maximum effort class is easy to follow but gruelling to complete. You will burn lots of calories in a quick amount of time.


Having issues feeling your glutes during a workout or getting into a deep squat or lunge? Then ACTIVATE is the class for you. Ran by physiotherapist Nick from imove physiotherapy.


High intensity training class focused on building functional strength and allowing you to move better. Use a stack of resistance based implements across multiple different class structures to build lean muscle and increase strength. Come ready to push your limits!


High intensity interval training – We’ll incorporate a variety of bodyweight movements and lung-busting cardio intervals to take your fitness to the next level. Build an efficient engine!

Strong / Fit

A combination of our signature classes Strong and Fit. Work those muscles, whilst also getting your heart rate up and a sweat on.