Fitness classes

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Fitness classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted on the timetable. More classes to come.

Core & More

Looking for a slower-paced class that will still leave you feeling sore the next morning? Core and more is just for you! Come ready to strengthen your deep core muscles with a focus on alignment, quality and tempo. It’s abs, abs, abs and a little bit of extra spice!

HIIT Express

Just like FIT, this cardio session uses different forms of HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn more fat and more calories by increasing the heart rate rapidly with fast, short-burst movements and shorter rest periods. The only difference is that these classes are shorter in duration. So if you’re short for time, jump on in! The water’s fine! For those that are up to the task, this maximum effort class is easy to follow but gruelling to complete. You will burn lots of calories in a quick amount of time.


To become better at something, we need to consistently build on it over a period of time! HYPE classes are 1-hour, small group training classes that are based on mesocycles (4-week cycles) which help to correct strength training techniques and increase progressive overload. You’ll be challenged each week to strive for more and more gains! Record and track your progress, weight and reps each week and watch yourself sore!


Get sweaty and get stronger with this class! A full body workout focused on building one’s strength through the use of controlled muscle contractions to maximise strength gains, improve technique and limit the use of momentum. big compound movements and traditional bodybuilding exercises will be used in these sessions. Trainers will encourage members to record their lifts each week, ensuring progressive overload.


Want to start getting fit? Or wanting to become the fittest version of yourself? We’ll work your heart like there’s no tomorrow! Come prepared for some cardio-busting intervals and bodyweight calorie-killing moves. We’re talking rowing, skiing, box jumps, battle ropes…you name it. Depending on how evil the instructor is feeling, the poison will change each week. You’ll be sweaty, you’ll be puffing, and you’ll be sore the next morning, but you’ll be thanking us and begging for more!

Strong / Fit

Stronger AND fitter and the SAME time? This isn’t a dream, this isn’t a drill! This combination of our signature classes Strong and Fit has got you covered. Work those muscles, whilst also getting your heart rate up and a sweat on. Strong/Fit classes will have you moving between sweaty, heart-pumping cardio moves, and strengthening weight-lifting exercises. Ready for a challenge? Then this is for you!